Did you marry a dreamer—someone who’s excited to share with you the latest and greatest new invention that will change the world forever? Even when it gets frustrating and you have to deflate those dream balloons from time to time, make sure to give an attempt at being supportive over his dreams.

Listen even when you don’t want to

When it seems like there is a nonstop stream of ideas, it can become overwhelming. But let your spouse at least know they can always share that creativity with you. Your being attentive is key.

Add your ideas or assistance when feasible

Keep an eye out for ideas or things that make fostering that dream a little easier. When you see resources that can help your partner’s goals, share them with your spouse. Nothing feels better than having a spouse who truly supports you in word and deed.

Inquire about their ideas

Ask about those dreams your partner mentioned in the past if you haven’t heard anything in awhile. Especially if they seemed really excited about it. A little discouragement could have set in. Hearing you ask about it will definitely provide the motivation they will need to keep moving forward.

Praise your partner’s strengths and gifts

Remind them of how truly amazing they are. Sometimes dreamers forget what they’ve overcome in the past or how talented they really are (especially after setbacks or failures).

If you have a spouse who is still discovering and becoming who they were meant to be, be sure to support them in this journey. Your belief usually means more than anything.

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