Throw your phone in the air and catch it. I know that sounds a bit crazy, scary and even daring.

Now throw it and catch it even again. Chances that if you end up with a cracked screen, you might have so learnt the art of being careful that you will have more even than odds in the course of throwing and catching your phone.

This also applies to spot, chase after and grab what you deserve. There is a likelihood that a surge of doubt will raise it’s ugly head at you and question you about the possibilities. On some other days, you might be accosted by impostor syndrome querying if you really deserved it.

To get what you deserve, and you deserve good things, you have to believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve good things. Believe you can have good things. Believe in yourself. And while we’re talking about asking for what you want, go ahead and have BIG desires. Allow yourself to want more, without your logical brain shutting you down with all the reasons you can’t have what you want. Go ahead and want more, and want big!

Stop working hard while you wait for someone to reward you for it. Generally speaking, people who ask for what they want are the people who get what they want. This includes asking to be considered for opportunities, asking for a raise, and asking a potential client to work with you.

Stop trying to prove yourself. Stop working so hard today for a future reward. You’ve got to receive before you give. This goes beyond basic self-care fill up your cup and let it overflow and you’ll have so much more to give! That means receiving from yourself and others. Let good things in. Be open to receiving!




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