There are some items we use every day but we often take their cleanliness for granted. While we may think these items are clean because we use them often, bacteria may just be lurking on these our everyday items and before long, we may get sick. Perhaps a flu, a cold etc. We really need to put great effort into cleaning these things we use and regularly sanitize them.

We may not think much of these items but they may just be bacteria habitats if we don’t clean them often. Some examples include:

Cutting boards

If you don’t use a cutting board for raw meat or cheese, you may think it’s safe to just tuck it away unwashed and use it again later. It is easy for germs to collect in the crevices of cutting boards. Not to mention that any tiny food residue will attract bugs. So clean these after each use.


Do you really wash your hands before returning to your keyboard every time? I really doubt that. Even after jumping buses, dealing dirty cash in order to purchase one or two things along the way, we don’t think to wash our hands but just go straight to the laptop and start typing away. This enhances the spread of bacteria. It is always good to have tech-friendly disinfectant wipes and clean your keyboard often.


This is the number one culprit or most likely habitat for bacteria to lurk among your personal items. Putting your phone down on the chairs, tables, the bathroom, it can easily become a home to these unwanted microorganisms if you don’t clean it often. Again, tech-friendly disinfectant wipes can make your phone a tad cleaner always.

Steering wheel

Just like your phone, you touch everything – keyboard, phone, money and sometimes even snack and immediately you touch your steering wheel without washing your hands first. You do just about everything before touching your steering wheel. You may not think it important to wash your hand after all, it isn’t really dirty. However, you may just be bringing germs to your steering wheel each time you do this. Have some antibacterial wipes to clean these surfaces often.

Reusable water bottle

“It’s my bottle. I don’t get to share it with anyone. Besides, I only put water in it so it is always clean.” This isn’t true. Your mouth contains germs and that outer part you put in your mouth every day should always be clean. Wash your water bottle every now and then and don’t just leave it for a long while without washing.

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