His brows arched in confusion and apparently slight anger. They had gone over the budget together but the present addition to the budget was going to hike it to two million naira above the initial plan. It was outrageous, he stared at her hoping she would at least say something in defence of them both but she kept mum, looking unsure of what to say. How were they going to feed one thousand, five hundred guests? He knew that they would never be able to afford a bigger event centre.

He cleared his throat. “Mummy, I was hoping Tinuke would have given you a hint of what we had planned so far”

“We are Yorubas and we are Africans. The world must know that the Oladimeji’s are giving out their daughter, I am not going to give in to a mushroom wedding” Her Mother reminded them with an air of sarcasm.

Tinuke knew what she had always wanted. She knew that she was certainly not game to displease herself and her partner, Bayo just to please some people, it was possible that she didn’t even know.

It was a phase that was going to fade but at that moment she knew that she was between the devil and the blue sea. Dilemma was something she knew quite right that she did not know how to handle well.

A lot of intending brides find themselves in situations like this. The pressure builds up like a fiery inferno and because you are so scared of getting burnt, you jump off the building, forgetting that you are standing at a height of 18 feet above the earth. One thing you might be likely to forget at that point in time is that fire does not burn only, it refines too.

Dear intending bride, everyone wants to create memorable moments but if you and your husband go hungry after your wedding in a bid to please your guests out of your proportion, what an avoidable situation that could be. TNS Global posits that “Getting married in Africa’s most populous country is big business and said to be worth millions of dollars.” Nigerian wedding can cost up to $9,460-$13,515 with guest lists matching the super-sized budgets. Some weddings in the country cater for an average of 1000 guests.


It’s undeniable that there is a certain craze for society weddings in Nigeria and some African countries. This most times is not solely the idea of the bride but an idea that she is coerced into accepting by her family and the society. A little show of affluence will hurt nobody.

You get to hold your wedding in a big, fabulous wedding venue, with multiple celebration spaces such as an outdoor wedding venue, with an elegant indoor banquet hall, and other celebration spaces for your cocktail party, and perhaps even your after-party. You get to dance and take photos with a larger number of your close friends and family during your wedding celebration. You get to offer a larger variety of menu items in your wedding catering list, with a large number of cocktail party stations and sit-down dinner menu choices plus getting your wedding featured on the most trending wedding blogs.

It might be wise for a bride to cut her wedding gown according to her purse. What you were not told is that a big wedding is likely going to be expensive, given the higher costs for a larger number of wedding invitations, wedding catering costs per-person, wedding favours, and more. It can be difficult to spend quality time with all of your wedding guests at a big wedding. If you don’t choose a large enough wedding venue, your guests may be crowded at their tables, and the dance floor may not be large enough to give everyone ideal dancing space.

You might need to consider too that when guests need to spend money on their travel and lodging to attend your big day, they might choose to give you a smaller wedding gift check, for financial reasons. If you need parents to help pay for a larger wedding, you’ll likely need to let them have some say in some of the wedding details.

The wedding industry is considered one of the major contributors to Nigeria’s economy. It is credited with creating entire industries that didn’t exist or were previously unprofitable, such as makeup artists and luxury toilet hire companies. Nigeria recently played host to the largest wedding related gathering in Africa, Wed Festival attracting around 10,000 attendees according to CNN.
With the obsession, every bride should have one thing in mind. We all have a fitting pair of shoes. Snow White and Cinderella can never wear same sizes of shoes.





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