From Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter and down to the Grams , we have limitless opportunities to share our memories and express ourselves the way it deems us fit. Its a free world!

It is normal for us to wake after a good night sleep, spend some time to devote our days to God and give an undivided attention to our phones. The use of social media has become a way of life. It can no longer be referred to as a tool but our culture.

Humans are social creatures and the digital era didn’t change this, but it did change the way we communicate. By using social media we have instant access to millions of peoples and we have new ways of interaction. But the social media has security risks. It is used also by criminals for fraud, malicious practices and  gathering business intelligence.

Last year during the yuletide, I had a certain family friend whose house was burgled when they had been away on Christmas vacation. There was a break-in that would have led to their properties being carted away if not for the interference of the the law enforcement agents. What might interest you is how the burglers came to know there was no one in the house at the moment in time.  This arose when the miscreants gained access to pictures of a member of the family whose Google and GPS location option had been turned on on his smart phone.

Location tracking  is essential and convenient when it helps apps like Google Maps and Uber know where you are to better deliver you information and services. It’s all about location tracking, which use your phone’s internal GPS and other sensors to track your whereabouts and feed that info to various apps.

On instagram, the benefits of tagging your location are two-fold. It shows that your business is active in the community and also exposes your business to a new audience. Tag at business lunches, corporate events, and company outings when its time to expose your business to a new group of Instagrammers but if you are more of a private person and desire to be security conscious, then you might need to have a rethink on having your phone track your location.

This might not feel like having a battalion of soldiers right behind you but it will wade away the intrusion of other apps and unwanted people.


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