So let’s face facts about the face facts you know nothing about.  So I recently, read a piece online from ranker.com and I discovered some amazing fun facts about the face that I had no idea of. You might think by now you know a lot about your face, have a really deep idea of it works, how to take good care of it and how you can possibly get everything about it right.

The face is central to the human body because it carries the three major sensory organs namely eye, nose and ear. It is also crucial for human identity and is essential for expressing emotions, consciously or unconsciously. The face is the house that keeps the second most complex part of the human body which is the eyes.

Asides from knowing what areas of the face you breakout from most of the time, the cream that appeals to your face, food that causes you to breakout or even knowing the appropriate soap to use. Have you thought about biologically significant things you might possibly not know about your face?

Below are interesting facts about the face you might not know:

The dominant nostrils change every few hours

The dominant nostril is the one with the most airflow and it switches throughout the day which is the reason why the way we perceive things changes at times. Researchers say the different rates of flow between the dominant and non-dominant nostril may help the brain to separate and appreciate complex scents.

Dimples are as a result of shortened muscle

Dimples are facial features some of us may admire in other people or that we have and it is just heartbreaking to discover that they are actually genetic defects that are caused by shortened facial muscles. But just in case you are still keen on creating a dimple for yourself, you can learn by clicking here.

Our face is made up of 14 bones

These 14 bones form the basic shape of the face and are responsible for providing attachments for muscles that make the jaw move and control facial expressions. the most popular ones are mandible bone which is the lower jaw bone and the strongest bone of the face; nasal bone just like the name sounds, it forms the bridge of the nose and zygomatic bone also related to the cheekbones.

The upper eyelash is two times more than the lower lash

I think this pretty easy to discover especially when you spend time looking at your face in the mirror or you use makeup a lot. The interesting fact is that 2 to 5 fall out each day and not return for another four-to-eight weeks.

Your philtrum serves no purpose

The philtrum is that vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip. They don’t do anything; It’s just where the two sides of your face meet and fuse when they are done developing in the womb. (A failed fuse is what causes a cleft palate.) and it serves no function in humans.


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