It’s so easy to go through life without realizing you’ve picked up a few unhealthy daily habits, much less the negative impact they might be having. And this is especially true if the habits are small and seemingly insignificant. It can be tough to spot them, but once you do, you can take steps towards making a few changes.

Here are a few small habits to work on so that you can have an assured good day:

Not planning for lunch 

When you don’t plan ahead for lunch, it’s so easy to eat out, spend more, and opt for less nutritious options to sustain you throughout the day. While it can take some getting used to, this habit can be broken by bringing simple lunches from home. That way, you’ll save money, eat better, and feel better overall.

Holding procrastination in an embrace 

Whether you’re putting off doing laundry or writing an important paper, procrastination is never a good habit to fall into, especially since it leads not just to a longer and more overwhelming to-do list, but also more stress.

The best thing to help you through procrastination is to focus on each task one by one. Don’t look at everything you have to do in a day or you will become overwhelmed. Take on the first task of the day and complete it before you move on to the next item.”

And don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Having little or no hours of sleep 

Small habits can add up and lead to a long list of negative side effects, but often all it takes to turn things around are a few simple changes. Being aware of these little habits, and then making an effort to replace them with something healthier, can make all the difference.


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