Life as a single lady can get lonely sometimes but it doesn’t have to equal a train smash.

Well, we’re here to tell you that being single for a period in your life is actually a blessing! Your single times are precious moments to cherish as you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. It is a time to spend in deep companionship with yourself learning what truly makes you tick.

Here are a few random things you should definitely try while you are single. Why so serious? Live a little!

1. Talk to yourself. 

Ok, this sounds depressing but it isn’t I promise. But don’t only talk to yourself, respond! There’s a joke, “it’s okay to talk to yourself as long as no one answers”. But, why not? Sometimes the best conversations you’ll have will be with yourself. When you have things on your mind, be your own audience. Talk about your goals or remind yourself of the things you want and need. Or just ramble. Who cares, it’s just you. This allows you to become intimately familiar with your thoughts and your voice. When you choose to enter into a relationship, it’ll be harder for you to lose it.

2. Do everything and nothing.

You’re single. Go to a restaurant and order dessert first, tell the waiter no vegetables and eat your pizza sideways. If there’s ever a time to do what you want, now is that time. Flirt, perfect your technique. There’s no one around to get jealous so go for it. Cook naked and don’t wear pants to the dinner table. Start out making a fancy dinner, burn it and eat cereal instead. Then you’ll know you’re not missing out on anything once you’re with your partner.

3. Learn to trust yourself.

‘I already trust myself’ you say. But do you? Take this time to keep the promises you make to yourself. When you tell yourself something, believe it. If you make plans or a decision, stick to it. This will train your mind to trust you when you say, ‘I’m ready to date.’ ‘He’s a nice guy.’  Or ‘He’s not a nice guy, run!’

Once you’ve mastered the art of ‘I Love Me’ it’ll be easier for you to recognize it when someone else does too.

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