Women innately have some of these essential future-of-work skills. However, lacking this makes it difficult for women to explore, advance, let alone succeed in these careers. Nevertheless prioritizing future-minded strategies over short-term opportunities is one sure way to scale this.

Pull forth the creative in you

Work environments now demand speed in decision making, leveraging new ideas and problem-solving aka creative thinking. When technology is infiltrating so many aspects of work, creativity is rapidly moving up the business agenda, with nearly three quarters (72%) of workers believing their future success depends upon it.

Foster your creative side with small changes. Exercise your right to disconnect from technology for some occasional solitude and boredom to allow your mind time for reflection. Reading, learning and embracing new perspectives and ideas are other great ways to fire up your creativity.

Be Tech’s Buddie

Embracing technology, as an adopter and user, will be the most critical career survival skill in the coming decade! The right level of technical competency is now a prerequisite to building your careers.

With a high possibility of an optimistic future where people are enabled rather than replaced by technology, where automation augments work and not replaces, humans and machines will be called to work side and side and that’ll prove to be an ace in the pocket of a tech-savvy individual.

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