Worried Businesswoman


In some cases, you may not even be aware that you need a change. You might be bored or tired or simply don’t feel like going to work.

Another sign is when you are using every excuse you can think of to take time off and cringe at the thought of going back to work.

Even worse, you just don’t like your job and would rather be anywhere else than at work. That can happen to anyone.  When it does, there are warning signs that are an indicator that it could be time for a change.

Is your job boring? Can’t get anything done? Are you accomplishing less during a typical workday or procrastinating about doing important tasks?  When your job stops being fun, it can be a sign you need a new one.

Have you experienced signs of stress which you can’t attribute to anything other than work, which is driving you almost crazy?

Are you complaining about work all the time? Do you simply not want to do your job anymore, regardless of what company you’re working for?

Do you constantly thinking about quitting or retiring? Though we all think about escaping work at times, an obsessive focus on moving on can mean that this isn’t the career for you anymore.

If some of these symptoms describe you, keep in mind that your boss has probably noticed, too. You may want to start thinking about finding a new job before your boss thinks of it.

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