A graduate of Computer Science from Njala University, Fatmata Yasaru Jalloh has innovated a cheap way of providing electricity using salt and water, copper and zinc in a simple way.

Jalloh says having looked at the level of access to electricity in the country, she decided to create this innovation ‘free energy light bulb’ which she believes will help children study during the night, stating that it is very cheap electricity.

“It 100% work (proof) that involves one glass of water gives 0.7 volts. We can use an unlimited glass of water and increase voltage” she says, adding that 20 glasses of water will give 14 volts which runs 12 volts led light bulb.

The young female innovator says anyone can make this electricity at home using copper or rod and positive zinc plate plus negative zinc plate which can be extracted from torchlight battery, adding that the salt water battery is sometimes better than solar panel because solar panel only charges under sunlight while her invented battery works for 24 hours.

“For those living in the sea area, people do not need to buy salt; they can use sea water which is absolutely free. This is a very low-cost project, all needed materials are easily available everywhere,” she explains.

Miss Jalloh says her innovation will help people living in rural and coastal areas to generate electricity without depending on the national grid, adding that it is cheap and does not require technical expertise to install and maintain.

The Njala University Computer Science graduate, however, urges the government and other partners to sponsor her to do more innovation in her quest to help her country and expand on her project. She adds with sponsorship she will extend her innovative ideas to the rest of the country.

She is the proud runner-up winner in last month’s United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Social Good Summit 2018 for her electricity project, winning Le7,000,000.


PHOTO CREDIT: Marketing Donut

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