I met this cute young man during one of our company’s bidding to a major client; we got talking and he sounded cool, knowledgeable and nice. So when he asked that we go on a date to one of my favourite restaurants I willingly agreed ‘I mean who was I to decline the gorgeousness before me’. But guess what that date turned out to be my worst date ever.

On that particular day, I got dressed, wearing my favourite mustard jumpsuit, styled my hair to look like a fro which suited my perfectly made-up face and I topped my outfit with a green heel and clutch bag ‘my total look was screaming fire‘. I wanted him to see me and scream ‘Perfection‘.

Everything went on fine during our date, we ordered for meals not so expensive, spoke about our private lives, religion, movies, travel destination plans and food. But the shocker came when the waiter brought the bill and my date brought out a paper and pen to calculate what only he had eaten and asked me to pay for mine.

Excuse me! I asked rhetorically; I was beyond shocked but grateful enough that I was in the habit of holding my emergency cash popular called ‘vex money‘ which comes in handy especially in situations like this. At the end of the day, I paid for my meal and we never saw again.

I am sure we are used to hearing stories like this and some of us might have been in situations like this; but what is the big deal in women paying for dates?


In a 2015 study published by Sage Journals, it was revealed that even though society has drastically shifted since modern dating became a thing in the early 1900’s, 82 percent of men surveyed during this research pay for most dating expenses and 76 percent feel guilty if they don’t foot the bill because of the lady’s reaction.

Why is this still a thing? To help clear this confusion, read the tips below:

For ladies, it is really not a bad idea to offer to chip in. To some women, it can be a sign of courtesy and for others, it is a point of pride to show that she can take care of herself.

So you ask a lady out on a date then it is your duty to pay the bills. When you ask someone to go on a date it means you have the responsibility of taking care of that person. It also sends a clear message of your intentions. Truth is, if you have a woman split the bill with you, she may longer see it as a date and you might end up looking just a like a friend to her. This is bad especially when you want something serious.

Another important tip for women is to never leave your home without holding your emergency fee because you really cannot predict what will happen during a date.

Lastly, a date is not a food eating competition so there is really no need to run the restaurant dry.

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