Many people are dissatisfied with what they earn, but find the prospect of leaving their job to find a better paying one exhausting.

I’ve always believed in multiple-income streams.“It seems really restrictive to go to a job, and have your pay determined by a company’s view on what you’re worth. There are always extra ways to make money, and often one of those takes off, and you don’t even have to continue with a regular job any more.

So what do you do if you have no idea of what you can do as a second income stream?

Think about what you like to do

Is fashion your thing? Maybe you can buy great pieces from op shops and sell them online. Or maybe you’ve got an eye for furniture, and can restore and sell online? Are you a baker? People will always pay for home baking, or outsource baking their children’s birthday cakes. Are you good with cars? Maybe you could buy an old one, fix it up and sell. Have fun with your skills, and see how you can use them to generate wealth.

Don’t get caught up in overanalysis

Start something small, and test the waters. Maybe just talk to a few friends, and ask them if they would buy your soaps, hot sauce or whatever it is you’re thinking of selling. Ask yourself “what’s one small step I could take towards having multiple income streams today?

If you’re nervous, look for an existing structure

Many people give network marketing a hard time, but it’s a great option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of working out your own business structure. It works well if you go into something you already love and use, (skin care, health products, whatever works for you), that will just sell itself through your enthusiasm.

Start with whatever you can, but always aim for a more passive income

The first thing to do is get something up and running. Once you’re earning good revenue, you need to look at how you can make that money grow, by investing or other passive setups where you can stop exchanging hours for dollars, and start making money in your sleep. You ultimately want to be freeing up time by doing less work so you can enjoy life.

So, take that step today. Do some research, start a facebook page, talk to a friend. Get that side hustle moving, as multiple income streams have the potential to create far more money than your job as an employee ever will.

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