‘Free sanitary Towels for every female’ is a movement all women around the world have been fighting to achieve. Most women have come out to support this petition by saying ‘ if menstruation isn’t an option, then sanitary products should be made free and easily accessible for every woman.’

In the U.K, it was estimated that an average citizen spends more than 1,218,000 naira in their lifetime on sanitary products which is enough to buy a car. This was concluded after it was calculated that an average person starts their period at age 12 and reaches menopause at 51, therefore, spending  2,436 naira every 28 days for 39 years.

So it is a thing of joy, that the Scottish government-developed a scheme to tackle and end period poverty. The £42,500 scheme is funded by the Scottish government and is being run by the Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE), a food bank and social enterprise which will partner with local charities and target the city’s seven regeneration areas, to reach at least 1,000 women.

Angela Costance, Scottish National party MSP and cabinet secretary for communities, social security and equalities, says there has been growing political interest in the issue and that food banks, women’s groups and student organisations have all put forward their concerns.

We want to test the best way forward and look for a dignified, sensitive but very practical solution to this issue because it’s unacceptable that any woman or girl should be unable to access what is an essential item. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about menstruation and as a society, we need to be better at talking about subjects considered to be taboo. She said.

So far, period poverty in the U.K has been described as a private struggle for women which has only gotten tougher due to how their government have cut down on benefits of recent; therefore making this initiative a ‘world first’ which would be made available to girls in colleges and residents with little money.


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