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Until recently, the moto-taxi business in Rwanda was completely male-dominated but SafeMotos, the first motor company in Rwanda is slowly changing this by employing women as drivers, which would serve as a way for them to gain economic power.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Sandrine Nikuze of SafeMotos says:

”When we started this project, there were no female moto drivers. So I went out to look for women for this project. I talked to the women who sold goods on the side of the street, which is not allowed in Rwanda. When I interviewed them, I told them we could change their lives. I told them they no longer had to fear the police who would chase them because they were selling goods on the side of the streets. But when I tried to talk to these women they said, ‘no woman can do that’. They thought people were going to laugh at them, and they thought they wouldn’t be able to ride the motorcycle.”

SafeMotos eventually signed up five women of whom three got their moto license and is also implementing a feature that would enable female customers to request for female drivers.

However, Nikuze still states that there are not enough women drivers to meet up with the demand majorly because of the complicated process required to acquire a bike.

For SafeMotos, the goal of this movement is to create a stable environment for drivers and customers where everyone feels like female drivers are normal.

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