It can be difficult to hear what others think of you, especially if it’s something negative or something you don’t agree with. It’s also difficult to listen to the opinions that matter the most.

The only person’s opinion who should matter to how you make your own decisions is yourself. Sure, people can give you advice if you ask for it and you can learn things from other people, but it’s all up to you whether you follow it or not.

Other people who pass their opinions to you have their own reasons for voicing their opinions towards you (maybe they personally wanted to do something differently and couldn’t do it themselves, so pass on that doubt to you). Their opinions don’t deserve credit in how you do things because they don’t know everything about you, even if they claim to know you better than you know yourself (they don’t.)

Ignore what they say and listen to what you think. Don’t tell them you don’t want to listen to them. Just say ‘okay’ and don’t internalize what they say. By saying ‘okay’ to them, you are acknowledging them (that way they may not say it again to you) so that they feel they are being listened to. And by not internalizing it, you are giving yourself more room to express how you really feel about yourself to yourself.

Does this make sense? The most important person to prove something to is yourself because you are the only person who will be with you from birth until death. Other people’s opinions of you should be taken lightly.

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