No matter how optimistic, you might be. There will always be sometimes when you swing by that spot where you feel a bit unmotivated.

When you set out to create something, train yourself or even start a business you know it will be hard work. There will be moments when you feel like you’ve had enough and it is time to let go. But you did not feel that when you had the end result in mind. You were passionate and focused to make it happen. You must learn to fight through the pain and the stress and keep in mind your final vision. Pain will leave you, but what you work and leave behind if you decide to push onward can last an eternity.

It does not mean you have gotten to the end of the road. All you need to do is to remind yourself why you started in the first place.

What is your why? Ask yourself questions like;

♦Why do you work where you work?
♦Why do you work with the people you work with?
♦Why do you choose to keep doing what you are doing?

Stop thinking about the negative and focus on the positives in your life such as what is going well? What is working well? What great things have you to look forward to? These are the questions that you should focus on – the ones that build up your belief, your positivity and hope for the future. From here comes the motivation and energy to live a joyful life.

It’s time to remember your why!

If your why is strong enough though, no matter how much resistance, frustration, or conflict you feel – whether being employed by a company or self-employed – your WHY will keep you motivated to continue onward.

I encourage you to keep your ‘why’ in front of you, or at least easily accessible at all times, because your true why will keep your heart grateful and your motivation pure. It will bring resilience and determination when you need it most.

Cheering you on to accomplish all you are meant to be and do in this world.

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