The weekend should be a time to recharge, rest and enjoy time love.

Reclaim your weekend with these effortless tips that will keep you fit and happy on your days off.

Write down all your weekend activities and then review them on Sunday night. You’ll probably find you spend more time on duties like cleaning, working, and running errands than you realized. Figure out what you can cut down on to make more time for activities that are fun and fulfilling.

Taking a walk as soon as you wake up—even before coffee and brunch—gets your workout out of the way. You’ll come back feeling energized and empowered to tackle the rest of your weekend activities.

Instead of sending your kids outside while you spend the day cleaning or reading, join in the fun. Weekend activities like playing tag, shooting hoops, or climbing trees are just a few ways you can stay active while laughing and bonding with your children.

Weekends are about having fun, but can also be a good time to catch up on those things that have been niggling away at you for some time. Make use of your weekend by fitting some of these activities in — whether they are DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off, or financial issues that you need to sort out. Actually getting down to it will make you feel a lot better, as you’ll feel as though you’ve achieved something during your weekend.

Our lives sometimes get in a rut, and we do the same old things week-in, week-out. Often this is because our jobs force us into these routines — but at the weekend, you will have time to break them. Jolt yourself into a whole new weekend frame of mind by trying something different, taking up invitations, and avoiding the thoughts of what you usually do on a Saturday or Sunday. Avoid Routine.

Feel free to share with us what your idea of a restorative weekend.

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