The realities we dream up in our imagination are closer than we think, if we just stop waiting. Stop waiting for a sign, for more money, for reassurance and for permission. Actively pursuing big life changes will always be scary, and no matter how long we wait, we will likely never feel fully ready for it.

Many of us dream of making a big change one day. Whether we envision a career change, a relocation, or changing how we’ll spend our personal time, we imagine happier and more fulfilling futures for ourselves. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to feel connected to these imagined realities. We allow them to feel far off in the distance, safely tucked away under “someday.”

The only way to get to where we want to be is to embrace the chaos around us and begin making changes, now.

When change starts to feel intimidating, we should remember that no good story ever started with “First, everything was perfect.” Life is messy, unpredictable and wonderfully chaotic. This season, let’s work on embracing the now, inviting our intuition into the front of our lives, and giving ourselves permission to pursue the things that scare us. Creating change will always be intimidating, but what’s on the other side is the person you have always imagined becoming.

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