It is difficult to get all the house chores done all by yourself no matter how hard you try and even if you manage to, there’s a high tendency you might break down if you keep that up for a long period of time.

To avoid this, it is best to involve your children in house chores to relieve the stress on your end and to teach them important life skills and how to take responsibility.

Here are age appropriate chores for your kids:

2-3 years:

At this age, kids are excited to help out, you can take advantage of that to teach them how to put their toys away and dropping their clothes in the laundry baskets.

4-5 years:

At this age, kids are already working with a routine in school, so, you can try working them into a routine at home by getting them to make their beds and leave their room tidy.

6-7 years:

You can start to teach them how to clean up after themselves, do the dishes and how to fix a simple breakfast. A toast or cereal will work best for kids within this age group.

8-9 years:

You can assign them with the responsibility of putting the groceries away at this age, this will give them an early introduction to the importance of keeping and storing things away.

10-11 years:

You might find them helpful with gardening; doing a bit of weeding and how to handle domestic power tools which include the use of vacuum and washing machines.

12 and up:

At this stage, they are already accustomed to house chores and you can get them to do higher or more complicated tasks such as cooking, cleaning the car and babysitting. You can also encourage them to participate in doing house chores by offering an incentive for tasks done such as: pocket money for each task done.



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