You ever heard the clichè phrase, ‘Your network is your net worth?’ Well, one important thing to note is that as much as the world is pretty large, it is also shrinking to an ‘anyone knows someone who knows everyone’ sphere.

In this incredibly fast-paced business and economic landscape we can no longer do it alone — realistically, we never could, we just thought we could.  Building a powerful and diverse network, your own personal tribe, is a critical ‘must have’ within the new operating system of commercial collaboration.  Moving from the isolated ‘Me’ space to the collaborative ‘We’ space will future proof careers, leadership and your own personal success.

One smart way of pushing for your ‘girl growth’ is by pushing for collaboration within your tribe.

Ring your opportunity bell

If you become aware of a great opportunity that several women you know would be viable candidates for, send it to them all. Don’t look at them as competition. Think of it this way: the person giving out the opportunity needs more female applicants. So help there be more female applicants, and you’ll help push women forward.

The best woman will win, and help you

The best woman for the job will get it. Maybe it will be you. But if it isn’t you, the one who did will remember that you were gracious enough to share the opportunity with others. If she can help you later, she will.

Hire or refer each other

If you have a position to fill, actively seek out qualified female applicants. It devastates me when companies with predominantly male employees or mostly men in high-up positions say, “We just didn’t get many female applicants.” Change that script. Don’t just interview those who find you on their own: think of great women you know and invite them to apply.

Refer the heck out of each other. Start keeping a list of women you know, and what their expertise are. Have that in the back of your mind, so when anyone asks for a referral for an accountant/social media strategist/interior decorator/you name it, you can check your list.

Share your wisdom

Are you an expert in something? Share your wisdom with other women. Offer to put together a gathering at which you’ll speak about the topic you’re an expert in. It’s both a form of self-promotion and a generous act towards women who want to know what you know.


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