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It is absolutely possible to carry out a task of 30 minutes duration in 8 hours and also a task of 8 hours in 30 minutes. Picture yourself in this scenario and you will understand that this could happen to anyone. Often when this happens, you are not alone in this as you will have to work side by side with your accomplice, ‘Procrastination.’

Procrastination is often mistaken or used interchangeably with laziness but they are two different things. Procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions and end up with excuses that they have insufficient time allotted to perform certain tasks. The case of insufficient time cannot be totally ruled out but the choice to ensure that a task is executed lies in our hands.

Have you noticed how often you push tasks, projects, house chores, business meetings or activities backwards? You might need to run a double check; procrastination is a subtle habit that creeps in gradually. If we decide to be honest with ourselves, we will find out that the source of our procrastination stems out from lack of self-motivation, fear of the unknown, the non-comfortability of adding extra effort in task performance, distraction and a habitual attitude of pushing tasks backwards.

Lately, I found myself in this same spot where I appeared to have mountainous tasks to execute but I kept procrastinating. What did I do? I simply had to be honest with myself and tell myself where the cause was emanating from. This helped me to have a grip on the situation and make the necessary correction.

With full knowledge that reasons why people tend to procrastinate can differ among individuals, the first approach to take is to find out why you procrastinate – It is important. This will lead you to the root of your challenge. A calendar and watch come in handy here, this will help you to map out your proposed task and their performance with the mindset of being date and time-specific.

Ensure to be realistic about the goals you have set out. Form the habit of not creating room to come up with excuses and always reward good behaviour – You deserve some accolades.



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