The month of November has been exceptionally difficult to an extent that I had to get my prayer life back in high condition.


I started the month off thinking good vibes, positive energy and being really in my Zen. From accidents to a beggar breaking my car door to getting hijacked and being forced to withdraw money in odd corners, to a stolen phone… suffice to say that it was a month that brought with it anything but what I had initially thought it would bring with it. I had several questions on my lips, I cried a few times and wondered why this would happen in a year that had supposedly brought so much good. It also hit me that my phone had gotten stolen just the week before I was about to embark upon a week-long prayer session with a friend in a different city. I thought, ‘the devil knows I’m on the brink of something, that’s it!’ and my prayer life was kicked back into full gear.

As I thought about it and questioned a number of things, I felt the holy spirit ask me a question of His own. He said: ‘Why does it take a wake-up call for you to talk to me’. In that moment, I felt numb and I immediately repented.

You know, we go about life thinking that we have all the time in the world, thinking that there’ll be time to do the things that we all know we should be doing. But like the cliché term goes: ‘life comes at you fast’. Prayer isn’t just for the good times or the bad times. It’s for always, all ways. Pray in the car, pray in your subconscious, pray in the spirit, pray in the office. Just pray.

I’m back to redeveloping my prayer life and hoping that I don’t fall so God doesn’t have to wake me up again.

I’ve also learnt that a sensitive spirit and a spirit of discernment is a good thing. If I didn’t give in to hearing God or create time to hear Him. I would still be here feeling sorry for myself forgetting in whom I am made. What’s a phone, money, a broken car door when I have God? Did he not do it the first time?

Shall we pray, ladies?

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