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It’s no secret that the power supply market has not been kind to its consumer for a long time now. I wouldn’t know if its the upgrade m the electricity tariffs, the cost of electricity has been on the rise year-in-year-out. To cut down the chunk of our income that goes into electricity bills follow these tips.

Eliminate Phantom Load:

75% of appliances consume power when they are switched off, these appliances include the television, microwave, washing machine and computers (laptops included) and many kitchen appliances—basically anything that holds a time or other settings. A simple solution? Unplug them immediately after use.

Operate your Refrigerator with care:

Don’t leave uncovered food in the refrigerator because condensation makes the refrigerator work harder thereby consuming more energy. Hot food makes the temperature go up and once this happens you will burn more power. Also, keep your refrigerator full, food acts as insulation and lessens the amount of time that the fridge has to run to stay cool.

Clean your refrigerator coils:

Dusty condenser coils cause a refrigerator to work harder; which translates into bigger energy bills and a shorter life expectancy for the fridge – not good. To prevent this from happening, use a vacuum or broom to remove dust build up from the coils every three months (once a month if you have pets).

Switch to LED light bulbs:

LED light bulbs use 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. They will reduce the amount of heat emitted in your home and also save you money with LED bulbs you will be saving money at purchase and when paying your electricity bills. LED bulbs do not emit ultraviolet rays which attract bugs and other insects.

Install Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans will keep the air circulating in your home, here by reducing the amount of power the air conditioner will consume from overworking itself.

Cook with the lids on:

Foods cook faster with lids on because the heat can’t escape.

Install Motion sensors:

Motion sensors can be installed inside the hostel to ensure the lights come on only when it is needed.
Which of the above will you be implementing to reduce your electricity bills?

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