Don’t get it twisted, folks! Looking all beautiful and having the ability to slay is not and has never been meant for the slim ladies only.

Oh no! no! no!

Plus size ladies are also beauty queens who slay too in their own style and in their way. Have you seen them rock some amazing blouses that leaves heads turning to have that one more glance at them?

Don’t even go playing with these ladies. They are just as confident and beautiful in every way and in every outfit. Gone are those days when they had limited options. Today, the plus size woman can wear just about anything as the slim ladies and still look super trendy.

Do you doubt that? Check out these blouses a plus-sized woman can rock anywhere, anytime, anyday:

1. Peplum Blouses

This beautiful blouse has a unique style to it. With the short, gathered, slightly flared fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s blouse, this top is sure to accentuate and redefine your natural body shape, giving you that hourglass shape that makes you look stunning. This is a must have for all women especially the plus-sized woman.

Courtesy, Fashion To Figure

2. Wrap Blouse

The wrap blouse is an amazing blouse that just fits and makes you look chic. With the ability to just wrap it around you before fixing it either with buttons or belt, this type of blouse is sure to make you look your best always even when you lose weight.

3. Cowl Neck Blouse

This blouse has an elegant and unique style to it. It has this magical way of transforming the body and shape of the plus-sized woman that gives her this classy and confident look. You can hardly go wrong with a cowul neck blouse. Although it looks nice on slim women, this design is absolutely great on the plus-size woman, so much so it would seem the design was meant for them.

Image result for Cowl Neck Blouse for plus size nigerian women

4. Button Down Tops

Don’t underestimate the magic of button down tops. It is a must have for every plus sized lady although it is well suited for all body types. The great thing about this blouse is how versatile it is and the many ways it can be worn either with a blazer or cardigan sweater. You can and should have them in varying colours.


5. Long Tops

Who doesn’t like long tops? In whatever style it comes, caribbean tops, cold shoulder tops etc, a simple long blouse gives that casual look especially when worn with the right accessories. You can’t go wrong with this top.

Courtesy Charlotte Russe

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