Josephine Majani just became $25,000 richer after a Bungoma High court judge, Abida Aroni ruled a case of physical assault in her favour. The mother’s rights to health and dignity had been infringed at Bungoma county hospital, around 400km (250 miles) north-west of Nairobi.


Mrs Majani said nurses had slapped and verbally abused her in 2013 and left her to deliver her baby in full view of the public.

Her ordeal was secretly captured on camera by a hospital intern.


Mr Martins Onyango, a senior legal advisor for the Center for Reproductive Rights and Mrs Majani’s lawyer, says “It is an affirmation that these services must be of good quality and services must be offered in a dignified way.” He further revealed that his client had been “forced to walk by herself to the delivery room for the removal of the placenta” after she gave birth on the floor.

He said the verdict was a “big win” for women in Kenya.


It comes as the country’s health minister ordered an investigation into claims new mothers were sexually assaulted at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. Reports prove Kenyan government hospitals are ill-equipped to provide women with quality and dignified maternal services. However, this gives a ray of hope that justice will be meted out for similar cases  for the nation as it struggles to improve it’s maternal healthcare system

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