Adulthood seems to about how to wade through a lot of the red tape of life. But there’s no denying that the relationships we form as we grow older greatly affect who we are in the world. Here are people who should not have relevancy in your life:

People who belittle you and your goals.

It’s true that some of the direction of your dreams will change in your twenties. You’ll deal with disappointments and failures probably more than you think – hang in there, get up, and regroup. Failure is better than not trying, any day. And you don’t need people around you who are going to belittle your efforts – life is hard enough without them. You’ll often find that those who belittle your dreams, don’t even have any of their own.

Toxic exes that won’t let go. 

For the record, you can be friends with your ex. But sometimes the question boils down to: Should you? There are certain exes who are toxic and who always find their way to you when you are feeling vulnerable. And although you might be tempted to fall for their antics in a moment of weakness, don’t fall for your short-term memory. Usually exes who are toxic are miserable, and misery loves company.

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