Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like your friends or colleagues are going to discover you’re a fraud, and you don’t actually deserve your job and accomplishments despite the work you put in? Then you might be having an Impostor’s Syndrome.

No one is quite sure why people experience ‘Impostor’s Syndrome.’  Some experts believe it has to do with personality traits—like anxiety or neuroticism—while others focus on family or behavioural causes. Sometimes childhood memories, such as feeling that your grades were never good enough for your parents or that your siblings outshone you in certain areas, can leave a lasting impact. “People often internalize these ideas: that in order to be loved or be lovable, ‘I need to achieve.’

“It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.”

I should say that the only way to stop feeling like an impostor, is to stop thinking like an impostor. It might sound easy but it is not as easy as said.

Effective ways to snap out of it is to;

Learn to own your victories

Confident people own their accomplishments. The root cause of Imposture Syndrome is an inability to internalize success. Instead, people suffering from this syndrome think they got lucky, slipped by, or had an unusual amount of help.

You are not lucky, you earned it. Own your victory.

Laugh at yourself 

Don’t be so serious. Stop protecting some perfect image of yourself.

Break free from perfectionism. Instead, have fun. Laugh at yourself. People will like you more. And, ironically, you’ll be taken more seriously. In fact, studies show that self-deprecating humour by high-status people increases their attractiveness.

You are not Mrs Perfect. You are adequate.

Add more pressure 

A better strategy is to raise the bar and add pressure to your situation. Make it do or die so that you either fall flat on your face or succeed against all odds. If you fail, it won’t empower your inner-impostor because you were striving for something great.

If you succeed, you’ll be forced to internalize the victory because you did it against the odds.

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