It’s the difficulty in having to choose between rice, rice and beans or beans and plantain. Whichever one you decide to go with, you get fed. These three food options can be likened to the choices we choose to make on our path to fulfilling destiny.

The whole secret of success is to find out what is one’s destiny to do and then do it – Henry Ford

If you take a good look around, you will realise there are two people: Those who choose to follow their passion against all odds and the ones who choose to follow a career path blindly to have food in their belly and get their bills sorted. The interesting thing about both paths to destiny is that we can be successful whichever path we choose.

To be successful we can either choose to follow our passion; that which  makes our heart beat wildly in our chest and makes our fingers tingle in excitement or we can choose to follow a career path blindly because of its capabilities to take care of our responsibilities.

Following our passion against all odds and words of wisdom. Turning our passion to a means of livelihood can be complex. We can either choose to see life as adventure, a journey we frequently relinquish our hold on. Yingzhao Liu, principal designer, international, at LinkedIn once said

“I had a couple of realizations in my late twenties: One is that if I wait until I feel ready to do something, it will be too late. The second is that it’s actually very easy to lead an extraordinary life – you just need to be willing to do the things that others are not. The things that are a little too hard, take a little too long, or are a little too uncertain,” Liu says. “Professionally and personally, I took more risks, did things without worrying about how I might be perceived and started down paths without knowing where they would lead. Thus began a life of adventure, passion and empowerment. As Helen Keller said, ‘Your life is a grand adventure, or it is nothing!’ Take her advice.”

However, we are not all risk takers, some of us will rather choose to play it safe. And with responsibilities increasing by the day, it might seem more logical to follow a career path that will take care of these responsibilities. This people try as much as possible to put their true feelings in check and focus on their bills getting paid. They choose to be optimistic and dream bigger each day but never putting into actions those dreams.

I will like to believe no path is superior to the other, as both part requires us to climb the steep path to success.  In Africa, our choices are most times reduced to following a career path blindly. Not that we lack passion or the ability to dream but because the economic condition is harsh – very harsh.

Share with us at Flourish Africa on what path to destiny are you currently on?

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