The famous Dr Seuss said, “You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!” 

Books are magical especially with the fact that they equip you with knowledge and also train your mind to think big. With a healthy reading culture, the whole world opens up to you,  you begin to see possibilities and have a vast understanding of things and you are able to visit thousands of places on this earth or even abstractly.

However, in this advanced technological era, books are gradually fading into the background as screen time is pretty much taking over everything. Reading is not seen as essential any more and this is very disheartening.

Reading culture should and must be encouraged especially amongst children because their brains and minds are still very much in the developmental stage and need to be properly formed if they are to grow to become great leaders of tomorrow.

Every parent should take seriously the habit of reading to their children even if it is just bedtime stories. Here are some reasons why it is important to read to your children:

  • Configure or structure their view of the world. Through reading stories to your kids, you can help to create an unlimited view of the world. Especially with diversified cultures, characters and narratives, these young minds will be more rounded when they grow up.
  • Gives them a healthy sense of understanding. Having various characters and situations painted in their imaginations via these stories read to them, these kids are able to form a better understanding of the world and all of its different kinds of people and different kinds of things. They are shown different literatures and this helps them also develop a healthy sense of empathy towards others.
  • Improves communication. As these kids listen to the stories read to them, they also absorb a lot of different vocabularies and also sentence structures too and this help to improve not only their communication but also the way and manner in which they converse with others.
  • Boosts their imagination and enhances their creativity. Stories have the tendency to expose these young minds to a world of wide and vivid imagination. The more they hear these stories, the more active their imaginations and the more creative their mind becomes.
  • Bonding time. Story reading time can also be a bonding time between parents and kids. This could form part of their best childhood memories and you would definitely want that.

PHOTO CREDIT: Blog – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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