This too shall pass.


It is so important to remember these four words when going through your crisis. The Bible doesn’t talk about “if the storms come”. It says “when the storm comes”- a big indicator that storms (opportunities disguised as challenges) are inevitable.


How then do you stay calm?


As I write this, I am going through a storm of my own. And it seems like when it rains, it just keeps pouring.


I asked God to help me grow; it started raining.

1. Trust God

As cliché as this sounds, God has a way of working ‘all’ things out for our good! Even the irritating and devastating challenges that you have had to face will never be nothing. God’s got you!


2. Believe in the process

I like to see every challenge as an opportunity  to grow. If there’s a problem at work, I want to come up with the solution like Joseph did in the house of Potiphar. If I caused the problem, I want to see it as a learning curve and I’ll never repeat the same mistake. Every storm brings with it an opportunity for growth and an increase in wisdom.


3. See it for what it is.

Too many times, we dwell on our storms not trying to decipher how we could make it work and change it for the better. Sometimes your storm is a problem that you created; have you asked yourself how you could potentially make it better? Have you started to think up a solution instead of crying over spilt milk? To successfully do this, we need to learn to get into a state of calm and ask God what our next step is. Ask around from people who have weathered similar situations, how did they manage to get it done? It’s not impossible, you just haven’t tried. You believed the lie of the storm and you let it win. Fight till you can say you’ve given it your best shot. If this doesn’t pan out, you’ve learnt what you could and you’re better for the next phase of your journey.


There you go. Do you feel better? Are you geared to take over and climb that seemingly humongous mountain? You have this covered!

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