Last year, a greater part of my ‘finding God within’ journey was found in understanding what it means to be in the Supernatural. To operate in a place where whatever happens in the physical does little to throw you off. It was a humbling experience as there were several moments that on any other day, would have brought me to my knees. But, here I was, trying my hardest to stay on the journey and dismiss my fears and in some instances, my immediate reality.

Sometimes we say things so often that they can become catchy churchy colloquialisms, for example, “Peace, be still”. Chances are it’s a phrase you’ve definitely heard before. However, this wasn’t just a mere utterance, it was said in the face of adversity: raging storms. But, it was said with the conviction that simply because it was said, that would become the reality.

Have you noticed a shift recently? Has your peace been challenged by an obstacle in your life, marriage, relationships or even career. I challenge you to demand peace to return to its rightful place in our atmosphere. Your emotions shouldn’t command you, it should be the other way round. You should command your emotions to align with what it is you seek in your life. In the best version of yourself, what do you find is your reality? Ideally, where would you operate at your fullest potential? If you can see these instances, you can proclaim it and if you can proclaim it, you can operate from a different vantage point.

In Preacher, Sarah Jakes Robert’s words: “Remind your heart that your faith is in control. Even the direst situations will work out for your good. I don’t know who robbed your peace. I’m not sure what kind of Goliath you’re up against, but I do know that the best strategy will not come from a place of fear, inadequacy, or insecurity. The strategy you need for your career, marriage, business, or next move will be birthed from a place of peace. That’s why your peace has been under attack. That’s why you must anchor your soul in the Prince of Peace.”

In our everyday lives, our faith can be challenged. Storms left, right and centre will threaten our peace, which is the one thing we can all be assured of. However, don’t become so consumed with crying over sinking sand that you can’t see the solid rock. Wipe your tears, find your strength, and tell your peace to be still. You’re not operating from what you can see and feel, you’re operating from a place that is above your present reality. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, it can become your reality.

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