Athletics – Olympics: Day 8


Tori Bowie is the fastest woman in the world. She is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the winner of the recent IAFF World Championships in London, Bowie is one of the few Instagram stars who can post #winning and actually mean it.

In a recent interview with Essence, Bowie shared her secrets to great skin and we’ve got our shopping carts ready!

For Bowie, hair, makeup and healthy skin aren’t just important for post-race photos and press, it’s something she intentionally focuses on, along with her training. “I’ve always felt more prepared whenever I do my makeup,” Bowie tells ESSENCE.

I feel like doing my makeup before a race is part of my uniform. I always come out with a hair scarf or a headband, and I try to wear a new one for each race.

Part of Bowie’s race-day prep includes lipstick, waterproof mascara, eyeliner and powder to ensure her face boasts a good beat while sprinting around the track. But she also credits Aveeno facial scrub and simple tea tree oil to keep breakouts at bay.

She also shared with Essence that she’s a fan of Fenty Beauty’s inclusive makeup line,”It’s hard to find powder and things for my skin tone,” says Bowie. “I look at Rihanna’s collection, and I’m always in awe because there’s a shade that exists for every skin tone.

When asked if she wears makeup to workout at the gym, she said “Are you kidding? Of course! The first thing I pack for meets is my makeup bag!”

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