Ntsiki Mazwai has once again weighed in on the debate about black women wearing weaves, encouraging them to rock their natural hair with pride.

Ntsiki joined the heated conversation on social media this week after a mother was upset that her child was sent home from school for wearing long braids.

She took to Twitter and pointed out that there was nothing to “brag” about for women who hid their real hair by wearing weaves.

Ntsiki also claimed that black women were the only people on the planet to wear two hairstyles on their head at a time.

“They brag about the Afro they are ‘hiding’ under a weave. You’re wearing a set of hair, sisi. You’re the only woman on the planet who has two hairstyles on one head at the same time.”

During the heated hair debate, Ntsiki posed a question to the mother who was complaining that her child was told to go home.

“You’re a mother in fake hair and complaining that your child can’t have her real hair at school? Are you serious? Exhibit A is in the mirror. That’s the person who gave whites permission to disrespect our hair. You have shown them that the official standard is white hair.”

While some applauded Ntsiki for helping black women to have pride in their natural hair, others claimed that women had the right to choose what they wanted to do with their hair.


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