How well do you know your skin and the best regimen to use? You really don’t need to break the bank to get a great and healthy glow for your skin. It does not matter what you read in magazines, health guides or what the TV programs say about skin care. The fact is skin care routines are simple. You just have to know what works for you. What are your everyday, must-do essential skin care tips? Here are some you can try:


One of the most obvious but often ignored essential skin care tips is to wash gently! Treat your skin as if it was a gentle silk, and use care when you clean it. A gentle circular motion will clean your face most effectively, and avoid harsh rubbing and pulling. Some care routines recommend using pressure to create a temporary glow, but it’s really bad for your skin long term – you run a serious risk of stretching out your skin, and damaging capillaries.


The sun is good for your body, but not so good for your skin. A good sunscreen will offer protection from the sun’s rays, which can cause wrinkles, a leathery look, sun spots, rashes and cancer, along with a rich moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Don’t fall into the trap of just wearing sunscreen when it’s bright out, either, because the sun shines all year long. Get in the habit of applying suncream every day, even when it’s below zero, and opt for a nourishing moisturizer with SPF protection for the winter months. Your skin will look great.


We are always being told that hydrated skin is great skin, but most people don’t monitor their drinking habits effectively. While there are disagreements on the exact amount of water needed to keep your body and skin fully hydrated, most dermatologists agree that 8 glasses a day is an ideal target. Fruits and vegetables are another great way to boost hydration, and hitting the steam room in a gym or spa will give your skin a hydro-boost too. It’s a great way to relax after exercising!


Okay, so you probably shouldn’t actually feast on fats, but don’t be too quick to remove all forms of fat from your diet. Essential fatty acids are responsible for giving you smooth, supple skin, promoting healthy cells, calming swelling and inflammation and making skin appear younger. Unfortunately, it’s not the fats that you’ll find in take-aways that’ll keep your skin looking great! Instead, opt for salmon, mackerel, nuts, seeds and tuna – all are high in Omega 3s.


There is no one perfect cream for all skin types, so choose one that suits you best. If you’ve got dry, taut skin, opt for a rich creamy cleanser with a soothing ingredient such as seaweed. A wash containing salicylic acid or exfoliating fruit extracts is ideal for people with oily or acne-prone skin, used with a gentle scrub to remove dead skin once a week. For sensitive skin that is prone to red patches, look for natural products with no oils and perfumes. Non-lathering face washes and cleansing oils are ideal.

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