Nkemdilim Begho, Ashim Egunjobi and Ijeome Nwoke, founders of Always Me by Anne Li, are serial entrepreneurs passionate about keeping alive the magical moments of life by making each count. Infusing the African cultural heritage into their works, these beautiful ladies specialise in making handcrafted gifts for babies, toddlers and parents.

The distinctive baby and maternity products which they produce – baby play mats, sleeping bags, bibs, diaper bags, nursing/baby pillows etc., is nothing short of amazing. With the aim of bringing more colour and love into those magical moments that make up the stories of families, these products are all beautifully and passionately crafted to mark every stage from new birth until toddler age.

Each product, which is often times, one-of-a-kind, is designed to be safe for the babies, hence the best quality materials are used. They also create room for customers to personalise any products they want to purchase with the baby’s name, date of birth, bible verse, a wish or even a prayer, thereby making it more special.

Always me by Anne Li, came to be, in November 2014, following an inspiration caused by the birth of the daughter of one of the founders of the company. Coming together in a shared passion for creating lasting memories for parents and their babies, these amazing ladies started this company after the positive reaction they received for their showcased products at the baby shower.

This further inspired them to want to share with the world, this happiness and love brought by these gorgeous designs. Maintaining their uniqueness as an exceptional brand, Always me doesn’t repeat designs for most of their products. The only items found in multiple supplies are pillows, bibs and onesies.

Every other item is produced as only one which further enhances how special they are and this makes the customers, particularly mothers and fathers, love them all the more.

One of the special features of these products is that they are handcrafted. The materials used to create these designs are strictly child-friendly hence their colours and with the thorough quality process the company have in place, the high quality and standard of their products are maintained.

Nkem, Ashim and Ijeoma are 3 amazing women with particularly 4 things in common – they are friends, they love business, they share the same vision for the company and all have full-time jobs. However, they each bring their special ability to the table:

  • Ashim Egunjobi works in real-estate finance by day and manages everything finance for Always Me by night.
  • Ijeoma Nwoke works in pre-sales at a leading OEM in Nigeria by day and manages everything distribution and supply chain at night.
  • Nkemdilim Begho runs Futuresoft, an IT service company by day and manages everything product development and design by night.

Bringing their individuality together as a team, they remain true to who they are. Hence they can proudly say of themselves, individually, ALWAYS ME!


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