If you wish to climb the top of the mountain, climb on the shoulders of courage and determination. A Nigerian model with tribal marks has proved that being resolute can give you just what you desire. Adetutu, identified on Twitter as @adetutuoj8811, has launched an online campaign to get an international pop singer and Fenty Beauty boss, Rihanna’s attention for her Fenty brand modelling.

With over 18 thousand retweets as at the time of reporting, the model who hails from Eruwa, Ondo state has the attention of Nigerians with her face which bares Yoruba tribal marks on both sides.

Her tweet reads;

“I have been doing this campaign to get through @rihanna on all my social media handle… Yeah.. I have tribal marks and want to model for her. I need my Nigerian peeps to help get through to her. Please

It’s not easy growing up with Tribal marks…. The bullying was much though it hasn’t stopped yet… I still get insulted whenever I go out. I want to thrive in what was meant to make me feel bad… I want to model for @rihanna. It will be a dream come true.”

It has also been reported by some news outlets that Rihanna has since followed the model barely seventeen hours after she launched the attention to get attention making many hopeful that something good will come out of the campaign.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is known for being inclusive as, during one of her shows, she included pregnant women for her lingerie line while her makeup brand has been catering to women of different nationalities.




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