Popularly referred to as the J.K Rowling of this generation, 24-year-old Tomi Adeyemi is a proud graduate of Harvard University and a lover of creative writing. Her recently published Young-Adult Fantasy Book titled ‘Children of the Blood and Bone‘ has landed a seven-figure book and movie deal with Fox Studios.

It was reported that Fox Studios purchased the film rights to her novel even before it was released because they were impressed by her writing style, and are optimistic about the success of the project.

The Nigerian-American says her Nigerian heritage played a huge role in shaping the novel. The book, according to Tomi was inspired by many themes ranging from Black Lives Matter Movement to the movie Black Panther. She further described her fantasy novel which would come in form of a trilogy as ‘Black Panther with magic’.

To her, there is a spiritual connection between her work and her home country Nigeria as many places in her book are named after Nigerian cities, characters wear traditional Nigerian Fashion and left to her, the book is unapologetically Nigerian.

Tomi who currently stays in San Diego says her parents are very proud of her and her dad has read her book sixteen times. She enjoys writing, watching scandal and blogging but when she is not caught doing any of these, she is busy teaching her 3500 subscribers creative writing. Her website tomiadeyemi.com was recently named one of the 101 best websites for writers by Writer’s Digest.

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