Ever so often, it is very important to keep yourself up to date on the latest happenings around you especially in your industry. What is the newest trick up the sleeves of your competitors? What is the most recent trend in your industry? Development of one’s skills and knowledge with the aim of improving one’s proficiency, competence, productivity and performance, thereby becoming an asset not only to your job but to one’s self is of the utmost importance.

It creates an opportunity for you to add value to yourself so as to become a better person and be a positive influence on others, especially in the corporate world. When leaving a specific work environment for another place, you get to drop your I.D card and other properties of the company but the one thing that goes with you is your knowledge and skills you acquired during the period of your stay at that office.

These acquired skills become a part of you and increase your value as you soar higher up the career ladder. Your knowledge pool is broader, you can confidently teach others, you can make contributions where it is needed all because it is your experience. It is not just something read, but something learned and as the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”.

In the workplace, give the best of yourself. Be open to constructive criticisms, take corrections positively, have the willingness to learn, only then will you be disposed to the training you receive as each day goes by. You may not have come in as a professional but you can leave as one. Even professionals have something to learn every day. No one knows it all. Every day presents a new lesson to be learned.

Learn on the job. That is one of the best ways to be an expert at what you do. It is one most effective method for work training. As you do your job daily, you learn it more, understand it better and become an adept and competent employee.


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