Habits rule our lives. Whether you are aware of it or not everything from our emotional responses to stress to how you get dressed in the morning is a habit. We all have good ones and we all have bad ones. Some are more known to us than others and we all have a desire to develop new habits from time to time.

Make Self Care a Priority

It can be easy to get into the bad habit of putting yourself last. When you don’t make yourself a priority you become drained, stressed and altogether empty. This makes being there for the ones you love difficult. Starting some self-care habits is a wonderful way to feel relaxed, unwind and be the best version of you.

Few minutes meditation

A common myth is that you need to meditate for hours to see results, but that is simply not true. Consistent short periods of meditation will show you wonderful results in building your mindfulness and improving your wellbeing. A good cue is waking up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night. The reward? How about a healthier and happier emotional wellbeing to start with.

Keep an Agenda or Planner

This is another habit that has does wonders for my life. Keeping an agenda is a great way to keep organized and on top of things. Making keeping track of goals and habits even easier. This is a simple change however very powerful as it will help you to visualize what you are working on and towards. This is a habit that goes beyond scheduling and organization but will branch out to create more productivity and efficiency throughout your day. That is a habit that everyone can benefit from not just us list makers.


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