While the breeze sweeps

You serve him dainty meat

You pick seeds

So, you may your kith and kin appease

For in the bowel of your offsprings you plant peace


Miles down the dusty road

You without falter go

You are not to be heard

Perhaps only to be seen

How is it that these things be?


Can a burning lamp be covered by a bushel?

How can the Bougainvillea be substituted for the grass ?

How does the candle melt and we use the wax?

Will you ever get well?


Your heart has built bridges

Even a million of your kinky tufts cannot reach

The sky is lost in the embrace of the clouds

The sun sees not even your back

Nana, who will pull you out of this shack?


The earth has refused you hiding behind her skirts

Out of the cave

Out of these rubbles you must emerge

For you there is no hiding place.


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