Can a drugstore foundation live up to its promises? Can it provide all-day coverage? Won’t a drugstore foundation cause me to breakout?

I will be addressing these and many other questions in this piece. But first, let me start by telling you my skin type.

My Skin Type

I have a combination/oily skin type meaning while other parts of my body are not necessarily oily, my face has a mind of its own. It decides for its self when it needs to be oily and also selects parts that should be oily. This is why I have been on a back and forth journey searching for the right foundation that suits my face.

Note that my days are filled with activities and I don’t drive which is more reason why I need a foundation that will last throughout and still look natural at the end of the day.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation is the truth

This is the first foundation I will endorse publicly; I am compelled to tell the world the good news about this foundation so other people like me can have this amazing product.

It is sold for 5500 Naira (my shade is cappuccino), depending on your location. (I got mine at a beauty store at Ikota shopping complex)  Before I list its pros, please note that I unknowingly purchased the ‘normal/dry skin’ instead of the combination/oily skin but to my greatest surprise, it still works like magic.

Pros: it does control oil, very easy to apply, no odour, it doesn’t cause breakouts, it is matte, it doesn’t wear off, it doesn’t settle on fine lines or leaves too many stains on clothes/phones especially when you make a call (I was impressed), it is the best base foundation to use when using a concealer to highlight and contour.

Cons: Its major flaw is that it doesn’t have a pump (but I hear the new bottle has one), your face can look really flat if you are not highlighting and contouring with a concealer so try using a highlighter and lipgloss to make your face pop.

Testing out this product

One thing I love about this product is that it gives the face a flawless look, making it the perfect canvass for contouring and highlighting.

It looks great on the face when applied, it covered my spots and evened out my complexion even though the day was quite sunny, it turned out that my face didn’t get oily. I checked my face every two hours to see its consistency and I noticed that after about 9 hours, there was a slight shine around my T-zone. I was definitely impressed.

It about one week since I started and I have not seen any form of breakout on my skin. Finally, I have found a product that fits my budget and feels good on my skin.

Out of 10, I’ll give it an abover average 8  (minus two for not having a pump and having to use a highlighter and lipgloss to make my face pop when I am not using a concealer)

If you use mary kay 607, timewise bronze 5, Maybelline fit me foundation 355 coconut, MAC full coverage foundation NW45 then you can get Revlon in Cappuccino.




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