Singing is such a beautiful thing to do. I may not be able to contest on the ‘The Voice UK’ or ‘The Voice Nigeria’  to show my singing prowess but I certainly do that somewhere; right in my bathroom where the hand-held  shower suddenly becomes my microphone and  I have a teeming audience cheering me. So, I am here reminiscing on my teenage self lip-syncing to Ne-yo’s (Chaffer Chimere Smith) Mad.

So both of us are mad for
(Fighting for).
(Crying for).
But we won’t let it go for…………………….
 My younger self’s two cents on this song was that Ne-Yo and his on-screen love interest were just two confused adults who didn’t know what they wanted. I did not know anything about relationships but this was my perception at the time. It might surprise you that age does not make you an expert in relationship matters either, after all, we often see mature adults make certain mistakes in relationship over and over again.
When next you are going to yell down the building, when next you are going to throw those disaster tantrums, when next you are going to clench your fist and charge at him, when next you are going to stare up at him with blood-shot eyes- remember this post.
At our moment of rage, we are on the threshold between the sane and the insane. We loose our cool, sometimes in the most terrible ways. In our moment of lucidity, we go back over what had happened and we nearly can’t believe that it happened. We feel a little bit of regret but it does not stop there, it happens again.
Having  this in mind will help us store our ‘cool’ in an air-tight jar. The next time you find your self in that scenario, take deep breaths. It helps to calm you down.
Ask yourself questions. How did we get there? What are we arguing about? Analyse the matter at hand.
Often times, the problem is not between you and him. In the real sense, It is the  both of you versus the problem but  you  just can’ t see it. Fighting with someone you love is stressing and emotional draining.
Anger plays a fast one on us, so we become its victim. When next it comes visiting, make your man understand that it is the both of you against the challenge and not the both of you at each other’s throat.
………and the solution? You fight side by side and not with each other.

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