Being a housewife is a lot of work. This is one fact I didn’t realise until my internship, I had always thought it was lying down on a beach in the Bahamas.

I started my internship long before I realised. I began in 2015, immediately my sister put to bed. To familiarise herself with her new role as a mom, I decided to stay with her for a few months while I look for a job. The plan had been short and simple, but life; it throws unexpected moments at us.

My job search which I expected, would last for a few months turned to eight months of unemployment. My sister’ maternity leave ended three months after having her baby.

During these eight months I co-babysat with the grannies, there wasn’t much to do other than making baby food, changing the diapers and getting the laundry. There was no hassle until recently.

The intense moments of my internship began four months ago. I never thought much of it when people referred to the age two as the terrible two. I would soon come to understand why, the age two is when a child becomes fully mobile and is curious to know about everything – and I mean everything!

It took a while to adjust to the fact that my little baby I was cooing over just a while back doesn’t consider himself a baby any more, he longed to try everything.

I’m constantly lost for words wondering were the energy comes from. The insatiable need to climb and jump on the couch, build a castle with his mega blocks strictly by his timing even if that means 9pm, handle the remote control and change the TV channel himself.

I had to do all he considered fun or else a fit ensued. Between managing a child filled with a lot of energy and short temper, the House must get cleaned. Here’s a peep to what my days looked like: a typical day begins at 7 in the morning and I’m in a rush to have breakfast ready before he wakes up. If I’m lucky to get that done before he’s up, we would both head to the bathroom to take a bath.

This is where the work lies because he would rather he do it all by himself; bath himself, touch and play with the tap and brush his teeth himself.

When I say the word No, he throws a fit. The next thing we struggle with is food, this minute he wants to be fed the next he wants to eat it by himself.

He likes to be entertained, which means playing with all his toys at once and you have to join in the fun. He started potty training not long ago and he considers it fun to say he needs the bathroom when he doesn’t. When it’s decided that he’s not being taken seriously, he does it anyway but on himself. Somehow in the midst of all the 2 year old’s mess, I have to ensure that the house is spick and span.

Twenty-four hours never seemed like enough time to do everything that needed to be done. My favourite part of the day became picking up his toys at night and then hitting the bed.

My internship made me appreciate being a housewife. It takes a lot of mental,physical strength and dedication to keep your sanity sometimes and to imagine that many women go on to do this for years; they deserve to be called SHEROES. Surely, being a housewife isn’t for the faint hearted.

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