Love and Money


Love is a beautiful thing and being in a relationship can be exciting – from the first kisses to first dates. However, the most important milestone every relationship should cross is talking about money and how to handle finances. It gets sexier when you move pass the initial awkwardness that comes with discussing money initially.

This part of the relationship  is as important as saying I love you. Talking about money in your relationship will save you from unnecessary fights and drama.  To take on this big strides you have to learn to talk to your partner about money in a constructive and honest way.

Here are some tips on going about these:

  1.  Be honest with yourself and your partner

Don’t make money a taboo subject.  Share your thoughts about money from the onset with your partner. This means more than just being willing to be transparent about your resources but also get a full picture of what your partner’s resources is.  Talk about your vulnerabilities and strong points.

     2.   Be positive when discussing about money

Talking about money can be uncomfortable and awkward . However when you talk about money think about the bigger pictures. Talk about your goals and when you are talking about your aspirations view money as a tool. The easiest way to start this conversation is to start with what you will like to achieve in the future and then walk your way through how you will like to get it done.

  3.  Be clear and be sure you’re on the same page

Don’t assume anything. If you are not sure about something ask! Make sure you’re on the same page, to avoid argument and fights that make lead to resentment later on in the relationship. Discuss expenses you will like to  be shared. Keep each other accountable to your agreed  plan. However, you might want to steer clear of including debts and assets.

   4.  Be realistic about what you can afford

Lastly, stop to consider if you’re getting swept in the excitement of moving forward in your relationship that you’re not  being realistic about your financial risks.This means being real about what you can afford and what you can’t.

Love and money isn’t as complicated as it is made to look. Communicate your feelings, be realistic and ask questions if need be. 

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