Miss Earth Liberia 2020, Ms. Robell Hovers has vowed to be an advocate for the promotion and protection of the rights of women and girls and the preservation of forests in the country.

The winner of the maiden beauty pageant held at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, outside Monrovia recently, said many young women and girls are now looking up to her for direction, and as such, she will continue to play a leading role to help create awareness against rape and other forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Ms. Hover gave the assurance when she was honored and awarded by the administration of the BlueCrest University, where she attends, for her success in the competition. “I stand to represent an entire generation that look forward to me for direction. I have to stand up so that young girls can be comfortable in the bodies and can be able to raise their voices on issues that matters. Miss Earth Liberia is not only about beauty. It covers other issues”.

The 2020 Ms. Earth winner promised to be a voice against illicit mining activities and deforestation which are negatively affecting the environment and contributing to erosion.

She added that the earth will not be a better place for everyone if trees are being cut down regularly just for people to get money in Liberia.

Ms. Hover stressed that trees in the forest regions in Liberia should be protected at all times.

She further urged citizens to cultivate the spirit of volunteerism by cleaning the beaches and waterways in their various communities to help curtail pollution and erosion. “Those of you that live on the coastal line can start to help clean our beaches because it is actually affecting us. Statistics shows that few years from now, West Point and Waterside-we may not see it because the sea is encroaching gradually. As citizens, it is our responsibility to also raise our voices and safe the earth”.

The queen urged Liberians to follow the rules and guidelines put in place by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to maintain a clean and safe environment in the society. Ms. Hover, however, commended her friends, authorities of the university and others for the support accorded her to come out with flying colors during the event.

She noted that though the event was challenging, she managed to overcome her fears in order to win the competition. “If you want to be somebody in the future there will always be challenges and stormy roads for you, but you have to conquer it and face your fears”.

Also speaking, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of university, Dr. Michael P. Slawon commended Ms. Hover for bringing proud to the university.

He emphasized that awards can only be earned when one stresses the importance of hard work and passion as “driver of success in the quest to achieve goals and dreams”.

Said Slawon: “You are indeed a great example. I, therefore, wish to use this medium to urge our young people, our future leaders to emulate the good example of Miss Robell. Her success is an indication that it is also possible for you. Keep pursuing your dreams. You can be rest assured that you have our fullest support in regard”.

Dr. Slawon, however, expressed the hope that Ms. Hover will emerge as the winner in future pageantry competitions, noting that, “this is a beginning of a long dreams”.

For his part, Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, President of the BlueCrest University awarded a 100% scholarship to Ms. Hover for her success.


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