Sometimes we think of love as something portrayed in the movies. Sometimes we think of love as that beautiful feeling we get when we’re around that special person. Sometimes we think of love as a commitment. And sometimes we’re just confused.

Here are some misconceptions that we are usually faced with:

Relationships are not all about working hard to keep them together

After interviewing hundreds of people about love, I realized a couple of things: one is that yes, there’s work involved, but if you really want to be with someone, it does not work. Don’t even think of it as work. It’s a bit like when the waiter comes up to you as you’re finishing your meal and asks, ‘Are you still working on that?’ We have this weird way in our culture of turning everything into ‘work.’ It’s not ‘work,’ it’s making some sacrifices, and it should be a joy to do.

You can’t prepare yourself for love – when it happens, it just happens

You can’t force love to happen but you need to be ready to see love when it comes your way.

If you’re a workaholic or your plate is full of half-assed romantic possibilities, you’re not going to be ready. So: Keep it simple, focus on one person, and when you find them, make some serious choices. Because another thing I noticed was that while love can be sparked by sight; you can start to feel it quickly as any relationship progresses, love doesn’t just ‘happen.’ It involves making choices. Like a choice to be fun. A choice to go the extra mile. A choice to forgive. A choice to be with someone.

Love at first sight almost never happens
That doesn’t mean that people who fall in love immediately have any better luck at making relationships work than people who take their time, but there’s no question about this first-sight stuff being a very very common way that things get kicked off.

Love never comes with a manual and it’s a never a one-size fits all. Learn to love the way your heart leads you too, in an ofcourse healthy way.

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