Mindfulness works by bringing you into the moment. The practice of being mindful requires conscious thoughts about the world around you. Taking a deep breath, eating mindfully, or listing the things you’re grateful for all help you to be more mindful.

Mindfulness works wonders, but how exactly does one do it?

Here are a few tips to help you stay mindful all day long:

Understand the true meaning of mindfulness:

Mindfulness simply means observing and acknowledging your feelings, thoughts or sensations without continuing to focus on them is important. There are times people convince themselves to do something and begin to over think it, naturally, the mind begins to make up stories and ‘spin’ about them. When this happens you lose focus, learn to focus on one thing at a time, this will enable your mind to settle and you will be able to achieve more.

Observe the everyday:

The easiest way to incorporate mindfulness into your life is to find a way to connect to it on a daily basis. Simple things such as noticing the sensations in your body or your breath as you brush your teeth, drink water, wash dishes or drive home from work, anything you do every day on a regular basis will help you stay mindful.

Release expectations:

Mindfulness requires that you drop your agenda and really appreciate the moment as it is. Without worrying or overthinking thinking the situation.

Begin now:

Just start! The beauty of mindfulness is we can practice it in multiple ways such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking or eating. And it can be done at any place or time.


Mindfulness can be an ideal tool to improve your personal and professional life—something that can cause a “positive ripple” effect across both areas and it will ultimately help you to be successful.

Give mindfulness a try this week!



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