We are through the year. There are six months left to close the chapter of 2019. How did you do so far? Scary, alarming question, I know. I know it is for me at least. More often than not, I feel a bit like a failure because I’m not disciplined enough about keeping myself organised and staying on track.

Actually, I haven’t tracked myself at all, and that is something I’m willing to change from now on, because it became crystal clear to me that in order to reach my goals and manifest my dreams in a sustainable way, I do need to work hard on my resistance to planning. I have to plan and  I have to track my performance.

I also need to say that I, and most people, have an ugly tendency to focus on how much we didn’t do or accomplish. So if you already started to think about how well did you do since January, there is also a chance that you already have an extensive mental list of all the things you didn’t accomplish. It’s equally likely that you forgot to add to that list all the good things that you have manifested. It happened to me too when I started to reflect on the question “How did I do so far this year?”.This happens because we are great at turning our judgemental self on, even when it’s counterproductive. So, what should we actually do? Should we forget our yearly goals, so we don’t judge ourselves, or should we revisit and assess them?

So the takeaway thought here is that even if you can’t see the territory, trust your soul’s roadmap. Follow your bliss, connect with your compass and make sure you take necessary action.

Learn to realign, reassess, redesign and reschedule.

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