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A bad break-up is not your ever-after tale. Love comes and flies away like a bird but if it’s meant to stay, it really does. Michelle Williams has officially said ‘Yes’ to Chad Johnson. The pair had met at a spiritual retreat in Arizona in March 2017 and established a friendship that blossomed into a beautiful love in July of that year then, he popped the ‘grand’ question.

Michelle says, “I didn’t even tell any people I was talking to Chad. I wanted to treat this relationship differently because obviously all my past relationships have failed. I didn’t want to talk about another relationship that possibly wasn’t gonna go anywhere. What kept drawing me and drawing me at first was I felt like I could be myself.

Michelle and Chad met in 2017 at his spiritual retreat after she went through a bad breakup. Johnson revealed that he had started a bank account over a decade ago just to buy the perfect woman her dream ring.

“On my 30th birthday, everybody came and celebrated me. The next day, I woke up alone. I was so lonely. I had a little pity party. My personal life was lacking so much, and I was living so single. So as a response to that moment, I opened up a ring account, and for 11 years, I put $150 into a ring account. Every month I’d put money into that account; I would just say, ‘My wife’s coming; this is for my wife.’ I did that for 11 years.”

The love struck pastor and life coach says further “I’m white, she’s black, “what a special time for our relationship to be on display in that respect with the tension in the world and in our country.”

Before popping the question, Chad took a trip to Michelle’s hometown to ask for her family’s blessing for her hand in marriage. For the trip, he recorded the entire experience and used the footage during the surprise March proposal. Michelle and Chad are wasting no time with the wedding plans. The couple plans to tie the knot this summer in a traditional, small, intimate and private wedding.


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